About Us

The manufacturer of imagepac started in 2002 with an aim to make stamp making easy and accessible to all.  It is now one of the largest manufacturers of clear stamps and clear stamp making kits in the world and has the unique advantage of being the only stamp manufacturer to also make its own photopolymer. This means that the company has a deep understanding of what polymer is and how to use it to make the best quality stamps and stamp making materials.

The Benefits of Using Our Stamp Making Products

High grade photopolymer: 
All imagepac stamps are made from high grade polymer, not silicone, acrylic or rubber.

Tear resistant: 
imagepac stamps are tough. They can be stretched and will relax back to original shape and they are resistant to tearing.

imagepac StampMaker makes pink stamps.  Due to that, they will resist yellowing however long they are left in sunlight. (We do not advise storage in sunlight however as prolonged exposure to UV will weaken stamps).

Excellent imaging: 
All imagepac stamps are made using an imagebright collimating filter that provides unparallelled image resolution both in relief and reverse. This even enables photograph stamps to be produced.

Photopolymer has been used to make printing plates for many years. Stamps are made via a negative process which means the finished plate can be highly detailed. Some clear stamps on the market are made from moulding silicone which allows less detail to be held and gives different ink transference.

Ink compatibility: 
imagepac stamps are designed to work excellently with all water based inks which account for over 90% of all stamp ink use. They will work with solvent inks, but prolonged use will weaken the stamp.

Health and safety: 
Cured photopolymer stamps carry no health risk (we have not tested for FDA compliance or food compatibility). They contain no latex, phthalates, melamine, carcinogens or toxic or harmful compounds.